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C.I.F.C has many ministries. Here are some of the ever growing oppurtunites we at C.I.F.C offer. If you are looking for a ministry to serve in, we welcome you. Oppurtunities are never lacking at C.I.F.C. find out where you can fit in. 

​Children's Ministry​​

Kids are God's gift to us. We at C.I.F.C realize that. We offer Sunday School, Worship Service, and Bible Study for the children. We are to be the light of the world, so we start them off small.

Youth Ministry​​

The Youth are very important at C.I.F.C. We are dedicated to our youth. We provide lots of programs, games, and outings for them. Most importantly, we provide an atmosphere for spiritual and personal growth.

Music Ministry​​

Music is among the list that sets the mood at C.I.F.C. Our musicians are gifted and here to set the atmosphere for God to move. We are always open for gifted individuals to join us in advancing the kingdom through music.

Men's Ministry​​

Men are the head of the house. We at C.I.F.C are devoted to having God fearing men lead their homes. The Men's Ministry at CIFC is a life-long brotherhood.

Women's Ministry​​

Woman are Gods gift to men. We at C.I.F.C. are here to encourage woman to be prayer warriors and God fearing woman. The Woman's ministry is a sisterhood spreading God's love.

Couple's Ministry​​

Marriage was created by God. C.I.F.C believes in keeping your relationship young and exciting. The couples ministry provides many great outings and counseling sessions for married couples.

Praise Ministry​​

C.I.F.C has the BEST Praise Team. The Praise Ministry at C.I.F.C is ever expanding. We are made up of qualified individuals with the sole purpose of ushering in Gods Holy presence.

Dance Ministry​​

At C.I.F.C we praise God with all of our gifts and talents. The Praise Dance Ministry is very unique in all its attributes. Their sole purpose is to minister Gods words through dance.

Media Ministry​​

The Media Ministry at C.I.F.C is  very technical. They are responsible for sound, screen progections, & much more. We are open to skilled individuals to help out in this department. 

Kitchen Ministry​​

"Sak vid pa kanpe!" We love breaking bread with each other. Our Kitchen Ministry serves the best Haitian foods whenever they function. If you can stand the heat, join the kitchen ministry.

Cleaning Ministry​​

Often looked over, but never forgotten. C.I.F.C has a great cleaning crew that is highly devoted to upholding the house of God. We are open to anyone who wants to serve in this ministry.